Vote with Integrity. Vote with Pride. Politician’s Answers? Run and Hide!

Hi folks, my name is:

It rhymes with logic.

I am running for Texas State Representative for District 139. Politics, yawn? Spelling his last name way too long? Oh no, please vote Shohn! I apologize for the rhymes, but it is one way to make sure you remember my name.

I have a tough campaign ahead with only a shoestring budget and a name most folks don’t know what to do with. That’s okay, together we’ll make some noise, and remember:

L o g i c rhymes with T r o j a c e k.

Got it?

I’ll share my views, however, I’d first like to hear about yours. That is representative government! Please share your concerns on state laws you’d like to see changed.

So far, I hear people wanting to see changes in:

  • the public education system such as excessive standardized testing; and
  • excessive increases in property tax.

What are YOU concerned with? Go to my Facebook page and let me know – I look forward to using my voice to make yours heard.  While I appreciate opinions from all over, as we can all learn from one another, kindly remember my focus is representing District 139 in Texas.

Don’t forget:

Well, it’s in your head now, so you’re stuck with it 🙂 Let me speak for you!

Send an email to speak for me at