Libertarian Party?

There is perception and there is reality, but often perception is reality. The Libertarian party has been given a bad name – it is perceived poorly in some circles; however, I’d say if you can recognize the principles of the party, even if the party itself is not perfect, you’ll understand why I have elected to run under its umbrella. In my opinion, the two party system is broken and America needs more options. The two sides have become so polarized and factional that sometimes they argue over whether the ocean is blue or red! At the same time, it seems to me that when it comes time to help us secure our freedom, they work together for the opposite. I want to end that, and while the party isn’t perfect, I think the principles behind it are something worth talking and even fighting for. I am running for state representative in a district that typically is a “gimme” for the Democratic party. I hope you will take this opportunity to vote for something different and open the door for more freedom in America. Either way, thanks for participating in the civics process.